No. 1, 2018
Simulation of Structural Damages of Microelectronics Caused by Action of Space Protons and Influence of Neutron Radiations of Nuclear Reactor

A.A. Romanenko

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: risi@niipribor.ru

The method of calculated assessment of the nuclear reactor neutron flux, equivalent on structural damages Fn equ of the silicon microelectronics a space proton flux is offered. The method considers the type of spacecraft orbit and the equivalent protection thickness of product sensitive area. It is shown that for three spacecraft orbits and protection thickness from 2 to 15 g/cm2 (Al) the assessment Fn equ can be received by the recalculation of values of local ionization dose load from space proton action, using the calculated constant coefficient Kpn equ.

Keywords: microelectronics, ionization absorbed dose, space proton flux, equivalent neutron flux, structural damages.
Power Dependence of the Charge Exit from Heavy Ion Tracks in Silicon Dioxide

V.V. Emeliyanov, A.S. Vatuev, R.G. Useinov

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: vemeliyanov@niipribor.ru

The technique and results of the pilot studies of the charge exit from tracks of iron, krypton, xenon and bismuth ions with energy in the range from 3 to 25 MeV/a.e.m. in gate oxide of powerful MOS transistors.

Keywords: heavy ions, charge exit, silicon dioxide, MOS transistor.
Single Radiation Effects in Schottky Diodes at Heavy Ion Influence

A.S. Vatuev1, V.V. Emeliyanov1, V.K. Zolnikov2, A.Yu. Kulai3, T.A. Maksimenko4,
S.A. Yakovlev4

1JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: vemiyanovel@niipribor.ru
2Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G. F. Morozov
Russia, Voronezh
3JSC ‟Research institute of electronic equipment”
Russia, Voronezh
4Affiliated enterprise of the United Rocket and Space Corporation
– Research Institute of Space Device Engineering
Moscow, Russia

The technique and experimental results of researches of single radiation effects in Schottky diodes of various design and technological options at heavy ion influence are presented. It is established that there are catastrophic failures in Schottky diodes, bound to metal-semiconductor transfer damage and also there is single-event transient (SET).

Keywords: Schottky diode, metal-semiconductor transfer, heavy ions, linear energy transfer, catastrophic failure.
Registration of Selective Separation Effect of Thermal Neutrons: Substantiation, Experiments

I.M. Anfimov1, V.A. Varlachev2, Yu.V. Drobyshevsky3, S.P. Kobeleva1, S.A. Nekrasov4, A.K. Prokhorov5, S.N. Stolbov3, I.V. Shchemerov1, D.S. Egorov1

1National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia
e-mail: kob@misis.ru
2Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia
3LLC ‟Protius”, Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region, Russia
4National Research University ‟Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Moscow, Russia
5CJSC ‟Ellina NT”, Moscow, Russia

The design of the neutron concentrator with elliptic channels made in form of blocks of profiled graphite and aluminum plates is offered. Experiments were made in GEK-4 channel on IRT-T reactor of NI TPU. The integrated stream of neutrons has made (2.3-3.02)×1017 cm-2. The neutron stream was detected on change of specific electrical resistivity of single-crystal silicon plates. The effect of thermal neutrons concentrating is registered both on the block of graphite neutron mirrors, and on the block of aluminum thin-walled elliptic mirrors.

Keywords: thermal neutrons, neutron flux density, thermal neutron beams, elliptical mirror, method and apparatus for thermal neutron beams investigation, neutron transmutation, silicon.
Impact Study of Elevated Temperature Applied During Low Dose Rate Irradiation on the Degradation of BiCMOS Operational Amplifiers

A.S. Petrov, K.I. Tapero, V.N. Ulimov

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: aspetrov@niipribor.ru

The radiation-induced change in input bias current of bipolar input stage of BiCMOS operational amplifiers is studied as a function of the dose rate of gamma-irradiation and of the temperature applied during irradiation. It is shown that degradation enhancement factor KD provided by the temperature applied during irradiation exhibits a nonmonotonic dependence on the dose rate: an elevated temperature provides the maximum increase in the degradation, if the dose rate is chosen from the range 0.1-1 rad(Si)/s, while irradiation with high (≥ 101 rad(Si)/s) and low dose rate (≤ 10-2 rad(Si)/s) provides approximately the same values of KD. This range can be recommended for accelerated testing of bipolar and BiCMOS devices, if enhanced degradation in low dose rate conditions of space application is modeled by irradiation at elevated temperature.

Keywords: dose of gamma-irradiation, dose rate, elevated temperature applied during irradiation, operational amplifiers.
Influence of Gamma Radiation Dose Rate on Hardness of Electronic Products HI-1567 and CY7C057V-15

B.N. Semenets, S.A. Filatov

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: risi@niipribor.ru

Test data of the products HI-1567 and CY7C057V-15 in active electrical mode are presented. The difference in radiation resistance of products on dose effects at various levels of dose rate is shown. This fact needs to considered by intensity change of ionizing radiation impact for speeding up of tests.

Keywords: dose effects, dose rate, speeding up of tests.
The Analysis of Features of Radiation Loading of Spacecraft Put by Two-Stage Booster

V.V. Goncharov, V.A. Khatulev, A.N. Zagorkov, O.V. Mikheev, A.E. Oshkin

Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: kerava312@mail.ru

The results of estimated modeling and the analysis of radiation loads on the spacecraft equipment are given. The spacecrafts are put into working orbit by two-stage booster at which the first step is equipped with the propulsion system on the basis of the liquid rocket engine, the second step – with the electric propulsion system. The radiation loads of two-stage booster and standard one-stage booster with the liquid rocket engine are compared.

Keywords: cumulative radiation dose, ionizing radiation, spacecraft, booster, orbital transfer vehicle.
Research of Reaction of DKDP Crystal Pockels Cell at Bremsstrahlung Pulse Influence

V.P. Shukailo, O.V. Tkachev, S.M. Dubrovskih, T.V. Kupyrina, I.V. Kasyanov

FSUE “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin
All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics”
Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia, e-mail: dep5@vniitf.ru

Researches of light transmission of the DKDP crystal Pockels cell at bremsstrahlung pulse influence are presented. Impact on an energized cell leads to reversible change of intensity of the passing through a cell optical radiation, and also, depending on amplitude of the voltage, can lead both to an increase, and to decrease of cell light transmission. It is shown that this effect is bound to decrease of an efficient electric field intensity in a crystal cell that, most likely, is caused by field shielding in a crystal by radiation induced charge.

Keywords: Pockels cell, light intensity, radiation induced current, bremsstrahlung pulse.
Reaction of Capacitors on BaTiO3 Ceramics at Ionizing Radiation Pulse Influence

V.P. Shukailo, O.V. Tkachev, S.M. Dubrovskih, N.V. Basargina, K.D. Koksharova

FSUE “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin
All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics”
Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
e-mail: dep5@vniitf.ru

Researches of reaction of the capacitors on ferroelectric BaTiO3 at stationary and pulse ionizing radiation impact are resulted. It is shown that the relative change of ferroelectric capacitor charge at stationary radiation is less than for tantalic electrolytic and paper capacitors. It is shown that at gamma pulse influence on BaTiO3 capacitor plate the increase of charge voltage is observed. The analysis submitted in work showed that increase in charge voltage is caused by pyroelectric effect which is characterized by manifestation of spontaneous polarization at change of temperature of an exemplar that takes place at influence of an impulse of the ionizing radiation.

Keywords: capacitors, ferroelectrics, pyroelectrics, BaTiO3, ionizing radiation, radiation effects.
Generator Equivalent for Control of Parameters of Quartz Resonators at and after Influence of Pulse Ionizing Radiation

A.I. Loskot1, N.N. Markov2

1Military Space Academy of A.F. Mozhaysky
Saint Petersburg, Russia
e-mail: loskot@bk.ru
2JSC ‟Morion”
Saint Petersburg, Russia

The generator equivalent developed by group of authors from JSC ‟Morion” and VKA of A.F. Mozhaysky for control of parameters of quartz resonators at and after influence of pulse gamma and neutron radiations. Its fundamental difference from known prototypes and its opportunity is presented.

Keywords: quartz generator, quartz resonator, dynamic resistance, pulse gamma and neutron radiations, pilot studies.

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