Выпуск 2, 2011 г.

Performance evaluation of constructional protection of spacecraft electronics from action of heavy charged particles

V.N. Ustyuzhaninov

The algorithm and calculation technique of shielding effect of spacecraft constructional elements relating to action of space heavy charged particles are considered
Keywords: constructional protection, spacecaft, heavy charged particles
Collision Ionization characteristics in semi-conductor devices with submicron space-charge regions at high-energy quantum flux

A.S. Puzanov, S.V. Obolensky, S.G. Petrov

Electron transfer in bipolar transistors at high-energy quantum flux taking into account collision ionization in the space-charge regions of collector junction is simulated. It is shown that decrease of base length and electron gas heating in it led to increase of collision ionization rate in a collector. On the contrary, decrease of collector length reduces collision ionization rate for the account of non ionization transit of short region.
Keywords: bipolar transistor, electron gas, collision ionization
Simulation of constructional protection of spacecraft electronics from action of space radiation

V.N. Ustyuzhaninov

The calculation procedure and optimization of constructional protection of spacecraft electronics with a cylindrical overall configuration from action of space radiations are considered
Keywords: constructional protection, spacecraft, electronics, space rays
Constructive variants of passive protection of spacecraft electronics from space radiation

V.N. Ustyuzhaninov

Performance evaluations of passive protection of spacecraft electronics from space radiation in the combination of protective properties of constructive elements and sector protection to application of additional screens are presented
Keywords: space, electronics, radiation
Research of degradation of domestic optoelectronics owing to structural damages at ionizing radiation

O.V. Meshchurov, K.I. Tapero, V.S. Figurov, A.V. Yurchenkov, S.A. Avdyushkin

Resistance of different domestic optocouplers and optoelectronic switches to structural damage effects at neutron radiation is researched. By the received results are defined actual resistance levels of tested products to influence of neutron radiation and the equivalent levels of structural damages dose in space conditions are calculated
Keywords: structural damages, radiation, optocouplers
Research of measuring accuracy of temperature detector DS18B20 by low-intensity ionizing radiation

V.D. Popov, M.Yu. Nikiforova, N.M. Hamidullina

Results of researches of measuring accuracy by the detector DS18B20 of temperature in the conditions of low-intensity ionizing radiation are presented
Keywords: temperature detector, low-intensity ionizing radiation, measurement error, gamma radiation, passive and active electrical functioning modes
Estimation of the temperature mode of integrated circuits by heavy charged particles treatment tests in the vacuum chamber of accelerator U400M

A.S. Vatuev, A.I. Ozerov

Research of influence of thyristor excitation on the temperature operating mode of chip DS1620S in vacuum chamber of ion beam extraction target of cyclotron U-400 are resulted. The research procedure and design of test equipment are described
Keywords: integrated circuits, vacuum chamber, research
Research of influence of radiation-thermal processing on photovoltaic characteristics of compound semiconductor solar cells А3B5

E.A. Rogovsky, P.B. Lagov, A.M. Musalitin, A.S. Drenin

Influence of treatment by 5 MeV fast electrons and thermal annealing on photovoltaic characteristics of solar cells made with MOS hydride epitaxy of compound semiconductor А3B5 on the germanium substrate is researched
Keywords: radiation-thermal processing, solar cells
Experimental researches of the pulse electric strength of polar capacitors

A.V. Kurganov , L.V. Romanenko, V.K. Seleznev

Experimental researches of pulse electric strength of polar capacitors by treatment of electric pulses of different duration and polarity are resulted
Keywords: polar capacitors, pulse electric strength
Influence of resource change of interelectrode gap for the output parameters of the multiple-unit electro generating channel

A.S. Gontar, A.A. Davydov, V.U. Korolev, V.A. Modin, M.V. Nelidov, V.N. Sotnikov

The technique and results of calculation of resource change of electrical and thermal output and the maximum emitter temperature of the multiple-unit electro generating channel are presented at change of inter-electrode gap owing to fuel cladding failure from fuel swelling. Dependences of local voltage-current characteristic of electrode pair «single-crystal tungsten – polycrystal tungsten» and cesium vapor heat transfer coefficient from interelectrode gap are offered
Keywords: thermo emissive electro generating channel, interelectrode gap, voltage current characteristic, resource
The multi-channel frequency photocell pulse supply generator on 100 kW

A.A. Zubkov, N.V. Kupyrin, N.N. Havronin

The photocell pulse supply generator on the basis of laser ignition discharger, providing voltage impulse by amplitude to 100 kW, half- amplitude duration of 7 nanoseconds, pulse rise of 2 nanoseconds on the main gap of vacuum sealed coaxial photocell is described
Keywords: pulse supply generator, photocell
Pulse-periodic source of gigawatt electromagnetic radiation in 3-centimetric wave band

V.B. Bratchikov, A.I. Vedernikov, K.A. Gagarinov, A.A. Zubkov, N.V. Kupyrin, N.N. Havronin, T.A. Sverchkova, L.А. Lvova

The powerful source of an electromagnetic radiation in three-centimetric wave band is considered. Measurement of power levels of microwave radiation in anechoic chamber volume are resulted
Keywords: microwave radiation, electromagnetic field
Gamma neutron field creation on the reactor PRIZ-M for radiation resistance tests of large-sized equipment

G.L. Pikalov, A.I. Rymar, S.V. Kostyaev, I.S. Krasnokutsky

Experimental researches on the reactor PRIZ-M of uniform gamma neutron field creation with the increased dose of gammas by use of converters and reactor motion are resulted
Keywords: radiation resistance, reactor, converter, neutrons, gamma radiation
Calculated-experimental method of determination of gamma  quantum energy spectrum from two sources

G.L. Pikalov, I.A. Chuprin

The algorithm of determination of gamma quantum energy spectrum in the mixed radiation field from two sources by results of measurement of gamma exposure doses is resulted
Keywords: energy spectrum, gamma quantums, reactor, converters, radiation field
Metrological assurance of gamma dosimetry on physical plants of  FSUE «RFNC-VNIITF»

A.I. Batin, A.G. Berezovsky, M.E. Butusova,V.Yu. Kononenko, V.V. Plohoy, D.P. Poteryahin, V.P. Pudov

Researches of dosimetric characteristics of glasses SGD-8 and thermoluminescent detectors PGT are resulted. The problems of measurement of the big levels of an exposure dose are shown, and actions for their elimination are discussed. The questions, concerning of gamma radiation metric, are considered
Keywords: metrology, gamma radiation, detectors
Software complex COSRAD for radiation environment forecasting onboard spacecrafts

N.V. Kuznetsov, Yu.M. Malyshkin, N.I. Nikolaeva, R.A. Nymmik, M.I. Panasyuk, V.M. Uzhegov, M.V. Yakovlev

Capabilities of the software complex COSRAD developed for forecasting of radiation environment, the absorbed dose and single error frequency in microcircuits onboard near-earth spacecrafts are considered. Specialities of the programs entering in COSRAD, in comparison with foreign interactive programs CREME96 and SPENVIS are discussed
Keywords: ionizing radiation, radiation environment, earth orbit, spacecraft, particle flux models, sofware complex, absorbed dose, single errors

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