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Order of organization interaction in case of support of specified active shelf life of electronics at influence of space ionizing radiation by specification of on-site shielding of electronic component base with constructional members of spacecraft and electronics units of adjacent organizations

Gorin B.M., Kalenov V.G., Murzin V.Yu., Sumerin V.V.

Features of inclusion to the specification on development of spacecraft equipment the requirement for specified active shelf life of 10-15 years are given.
Keywords: spacecraft, specification, electronics, radiation resistance.
Results of measurements of charged particles flux by onboard equipment of spacecrafts «GLONASS»

Vagin Yu.P., Veshnyakov G.P., Nikitin A.O., Chudnovsky V.S., Chudnovsky L.S.

The analysis of measurements of heavy charged particles flux received by onboard equipment of spacecrafts «GLONASS» is presented. The flight data is compared with standard documents for rocket-and-space equipment.
Keywords: spacecraft, ionizing radiation, galactic cosmic rays, heavy charged particles.
Application of Bayes theorem to radiation resistance of electronics for hypothesis of exponential distribution of constraint dose of ionizing radiation

Serdyuk I.M.

Application of Bayes theorem for hypothesis of exponential distribution of an index of radiation resistance of electronics elements for its working efficiency estimation on degradation failures at static ionizing radiation is provided. This problem especially sharply costs at creation of the difficult high-reliable unrecoverable radio-electronic systems intended for long operating on different spacecrafts.
Keywords: radiation resistance, degradation failures, prior information, conjugation principle, Bayes theorem, posteriori resistance estimation.
Bayesian estimation of radiation resistance in case of full prior certainty for hypothesis of exponential distribution of constraint dose of ionizing radiation

Serdyuk I.M.

The conjugate choice of prior information assumes existence of such function of its distribution density which in the finished type of Bayesian estimation provides a similar function of posterior density. Full prior certainty provides existence of prior data in the form of mean value of resistance index and preliminary estimate of its statistical dispersion. As such density is selected two-parameter gamma distribution. For a case of simultaneous presence of the specified signs is developed the engineering algorithm of Bayesian estimation of radiation resistance.
Keywords: Bayes theorem, prior density, posterior density, resistance point estimation, resistance interval estimation, confidence probability, economic efficiency of Bayesian estimation.
Use of Bayesian estimation algorithm for determination of real radiation resistance of bipolar semiconductor IC

Serdyuk I.M.

The Bayesian method use for posterior probability indexes of radiation resistance is presented on the example of two types of bipolar IC, statistics of radiation degradation of which was explicitly tested on low intensity simulator with use an automated measuring system for statistical testing of radiation degradation of governing parameters of electronics. Numerically are shown features of Bayesian algorithm application: at stages of a choice of conjugate distribution of random parameter, planning of radiation tests for the purpose of receiving likelihood function, posterior probable estimation of radiation resistance and the analysis of technical and economic efficiency of practical application of Bayesian approach.
Keywords: Bayesian method, posterior probability, bipolar integrated circuit, low intensity radiation, automated measuring system.
Use of conjugate choice of prior information for Bayesian estimation of electronics radiation resistance in case of incomplete prior determinacy of exponential model of ionizing dose constraint distribution

Serdyuk I.M.

The Bayesian approach to estimation of nonfailure operating probability of electronics in the absence of prior information in form of distribution density of defining parameter of dose constraint resistance is researched.  Two standard cases from a set of in practice possible restrictions of necessary completeness of prior information are considered, namely: prior information is provided by an assessment of mean value of nonfailure operating probability or proper value of failure density; prior information is provided by confidenсe interval of nonfailure operating probability change or corresponding changes of failure density. In both cases it is supposed that these estimates belong to the conjugate choice of prior information. The numerical example of use of the developed Bayesian algorithm is given.
Keywords: Bayesian method, posterior probability, incomplete determinancy of prior information, standard cases of prior data shortage, minimax principle of prior dispersion.
Use of information criterion for the Bayesian estimation of radiation resistance of electronics at prior data deficiency in exponential model of ionizing absorbed dose distribution

Serdyuk I.M.

The Bayesian algorithm of probabilistic estimate of radiation resistance of electronics by information choice principle of prior distribution is presented. The numerical example is given, the efficiency of information choice of prior distribution for exponential model of ionizing radiation influence is estimated.
Keywords: Bayesian estimation of radiation resistance, prior and posteriori density, information principle, entropy, chi-square distribution, point and interval resistance estimation, confidence probability.
Application of cyclic radiation thermal tests for determination of distribution function of IC failure probability

Chubunov P.A.

Possibility of application of ionizing radiation as an accelerating factor at forced IC tests is justified. The technique and results of forced tests by cycles «radiation – mean time between failures at increased temperature» are explained.
Keywords: accelerated tests, ionizing radiation, integrated microcircuit, aging, failure probability.
Simulation of failure tolerance of the main units of static RAM made on technology of bulk silicon of 65 nanometers

Dolotov P.S., Gorbunov M.S., Bobkov S.G.

The failure tolerance of basic elements of RAM unit made on CMOS-technology of bulk silicon with design rules of 65 nanometers is analyzed. Simulation was made by SPICE-simulator with use of parametric analysis. Values of critical charges for internal units of address decoder, the selection circuit, the sense amplifier and record buffer are defined. By results are drawn conclusions to increase of failure tolerance of the most vulnerable subcircuits.
Keywords: single failures, RAM, address decoder, sense amplifier.
Estimation of failure tolerance of microprocessor 1900VM2T optimized for using in space conditions at influence of heavy charged particles

Antonov A.A., Vasilegin B.V., Vasilyev A.L., Klishin A.V., Chumakov A.I., Yanenko A.V.

Results of experimental research of sensitivity of CMOS SOI microprocessor 1900VM2T with single-event upset immunity cells to influence of heavy charged particles are presented.
Keywords: SOI microprocessor, DICE cells, single effects.
Parameter degradation of heterostructures AlGaInP at radiation by fast neutrons and gamma quantums

Gradoboev A.V., Orlova K.N., Asanov I.A.

Results of radiation resistance research of heterostructures AlGaInP with multiple quantum wells on the example of LEDs with wavelength of 623 nanometers at radiation by fast neutrons and gamma quantums 60Со in passive power mode are presented. It is set that emission power of diodes at radiation decreases in proportion to radiation dose and in inverse proportion to value of working current, thus level of its lowering decreases in process of growth of density of working current used at measurement.
Keywords: heterostructures AlGaInP, LEDs, fast neutrons, gamma quantums.
Resistance research of integrated microcircuits of series 1564 K to influence of pulse and static gamma radiation

Bankovsky M.V.

The generalized results of experimental resistance researches of integrated microcircuits to influence of pulse and static gamma radiation are presented.
Keywords: chips, pulse gamma radiation, static gamma radiation, resistance.
Resistance research of microwave amplifiers on gallium-nitride Schottky field-effect transistors to influence of special factors

Gagarin S.V.

Results of experimental researches of microwave power amplifiers to influence of pulse ionizing radiation simulating the ionizing radiation of space are presented.
Keywords: microwave module, Schottky field-effect transistor, pulse ionizing radiation.
Graduation of monitor channels on research reactors

Bazaka Yu.G., Komarov N.A., Pikalov G.L., Tereshkin I.S., Tchaplygin A.A.

The algorithm of graduation of monitor channels with detectors SNM-14 and KNT-54 on reactor PRIZ-M is given. The technique is based on comparing of results of measurements of neutron output from the reactor and a standard radionuclide source.
Keywords: research reactors, monitor channels, graduation.
Structure of universal diagnostic complex for high-current electron accelerators

Ponomarev A.V., Ivashchenko D.M., Mordasov N.G.

The features of registration of operation parameters of high-current electron accelerators in RISI is researched. Options of implementation of diagnostic complex on the basis of existing systems and development tools are analyzed, and then the structure of diagnostic complex and its implementation method are selected. The selected structure provides applicability of diagnostic complex on any type of accelerators in RISI, scalability on types and quantity of signals, and also easy change/adding of diagnostic algorithms of accelerator operation mode.
Keywords: high-current electron accelerators, structure of diagnostic complex, operation cycle.
Сomplex diagnostics of accelerator UIN-10

Ivashchenko D.M., Mordasov N.G., Ponomarev A.V., Filatov N.I.

The structure, organization and software of diagnostic system of accelerator UIN-10 with use of digital recorders of different types are presented. The diagnostic system provides receiving information about energetic, amplitude-time and integral characteristics of electromagnetic pulse, energy loss in channel of shaping system, and also operational determination of spectral-energy characteristics of electron beam on target input and bremsstrahlung in radiation volume.
Keywords: electron accelerator of UIN-10, complex diagnostic system, radiation resistance test.
Control system of test complex UIN-10P

Mikulin I.N., Ivashchenko D.M.

The control system of testing complex UIN-10P is developed, allowing to supervise charging process of high-voltage pulse generators in installations UIN-10 and EMI, functioning of the main units and locking in different operation modes, and also synchronization of installation starts of complex.
Keywords: testing complex UIN-10P, complex control system, control panel.
Radiation field creation by going to the atmosphere hollow electron beam

Zemlyansky A.P., Mordasov N.G., Tulisov E.V.

In the conditions of LIU-10 accelerator the hollow electron beam through a foil in magnetic lens, is outputted in the atmosphere. Angular characteristics and parameters of electron beam cross-section at accelerator output window depending on electron energy and induction of lens magnetic field are researched. Nature of dose distribution and dose rate in electron radiation field at given accelerator operation mode is defined.
Keywords: electron accelerator LIU-10, hollow electron beam, radiation field.
Micromonitor development  for resistance tests of microelectronics at influence of heavy charged particles

Anokhin M.V., Galkin V.I., Ditlov V.A., Dubov A.E., Korolev A.G., Chabanov V.M.

Questions of application of stochastic concept to decision of problems of radiation resistance of space electronics and, in particular to decision of application tasks connected to determination of VLSI resistance at influence of heavy charged particles are considered. Reasons on selection of monitor type of difficult radiation field in spacecrafts and a similar field for appropriate ground tests are given. Features of demands to monitor exclude possibility of application of many types of modern monitors. The conclusion is drawn that the best system for micromonitor of radiation field as on spacecrafts, and ground test benches shall consist of composition of CMOS and MIS array structures.
Keywords: radiation resistance, ionizing radiation field, heavy charged particles, monitor, CMOS array, MIS, local dose in track.

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