Выпуск 1, 2014 г.

Design technique of unified library cells for creation the fault-tolerant memory units

P.S. Dolotov

The technique of development of unified library cells for creation the fault-tolerant memory units is presented. The characteristics of different options of address decoder reservation are compared.
Keywords: single failures, random-access memory, address decoder, reservation.
Features of simulation of ionization response of elements of microelectromechanical systems on piesoceramic structures

A.V. Sogoyan, V.A. Haritonov

The simulation of response of elements of microelectromechanical systems on the basis of piezoelectric ceramics like PZT at influence of pulse ionizing radiation is resulted. It is shown that in these elements can be generated voltage pulses of the considerable (tens volts) amplitudes, capable to incapacitate input/output stage of conjugate electronic circuits.
Keywords: micromechanical system, dose rate effects, radiation resistance.
Computer simulation of life time behavior of multielement uranium dioxide electrogenerating channel

A.S. Gontar, A.A. Davydov, V.A. Zaznoba, M. V. Nelidov, V. N. Sotnikov

The model and the computer program of estimated research of lifetime behavior of multielement uranium dioxide electrogenerating channel are described. It is considered the influence for output electrical and lifetime characteristics of such processes, as change of power distribution in fuel, change of temperature distribution on emitter can, fuel swelling under the influence of gaseous fission products, structural changes in fuel, deformation of emitter can and fuel mass transfer. Calculation for basic multielement electrogenerating channel by typical operating conditions is resulted.
Keywords: integrated KIM program, multielement electro generating channel, fuel element, fuel kernel, emitter can, uranium dioxide, output electrical parameters, temperature, mass transfer, structural changes in fuel, swelling, deformation, resource.
Design of functional units, operating at radiation influence

D.M. Utkin, V.K. Zolnikov

The generalized technique of design of difficult units is offered, design stages of technical systems are described, the experimental data is compared.
Keywords: software and hardware complex, functional units, technique, radiation influence.
Model of estimation of reliability parameters of technical systems at radiation and its integration into the general design

V.K. Zolnikov, D.M. Utkin

The mathematical model of reliability parameters of difficult units at radiation influence, aging processes and their interference at each other is offered. The algorithmic basis of integration of reliability parameters in CAD of open design is developed.
Keywords: mathematical model, software and hardware complex, design, radiation influence.
Combined action of ionization and voltage pulses to LSI RAM 1635RU1 and 1637RU1

D.V. Zinovyev, V.P. Danilov

Factor and combined action of ionization and voltage pulses (positive and negative polarity), operating on a supply circuit to LSI RAM 1635RU1 and 1637RU1 are researched. It is shown that combined action of ionization and negative voltage pulse in LSI RAM 1635RU1 and 1637RU1 leads to essential increase in number of glorked memory cells in comparison with factor action. In LSI RAM 1637RU1 combined action of positive voltage pulse and ionization leads to latch-up while factor action of voltage pulse of the same amplitude or factor action of the same ionization pulse causes failure of only several storage cells.
Keywords: pulse ionizing radiation, voltage pulse, combined action, factor influence, LSI RAM, failure, latch-up.
The analysis of physical mechanisms of oxide rupture of powerful MOS devices at action of heavy charged particles and pulse electric load

V.F. Zinchenko, K.V. Lavrentyev, V.V. Yemelyanov, A.S. Vatuev, R.Sh. Ikhsanov

The effect of oxide irreversible breakdown of powerful MOS devices p- and n-type at action of heavy charged particles and single voltage pulses is experimental and theoretical researched. Within phenomenological approach the parameters which can be used as criteria of rupture of powerful MOS devices are estimated.
Keywords: powerful MOS devices, heavy charged particles, linear energy transfer, pulse electric load, rupture, SEGR effect.
Operational models of space charged particles flows and new experimental data

N.V. Kuznetsov, R.A. Nymmik, M.I. Panasyuk, V.M. Uzhegov, M.V. Yakovlev

Specifications and additions to operational normative models of charged particles flows of natural earth radiation belts, solar and galactic cosmic rays which are received by the analysis of experimental satellite data registered since 1996 up to the present are considered.
Keywords: space charged particles, natural earth radiation belts, solar cosmic rays, galactic cosmic rays.
Influence of ionizing radiation intensity on dark current distribution in pixels of CCD arrays

N.A. Ivanov, E.V. Mitin, O.V. Lobanov, V.V. Pashuk, M.O. Prygunov, V.P. Bogdanov, I.S. Osadchy, A.P. Treshchalin

Distribution of dark current value of pixels of CCD array Sony ICX 259AL irradiated with protons with energy of 1000 MeV and neutrons of continuous spectrum, simulating an atmospheric neutrons spectrum is analyzed. On the basis of laboratory tests of influence the high-energy nucleons on CCD arrays is considered the possibility of prediction of their damage under space radiation.
Keywords: junction, CCD array, protons, neutrons, dark current, single events.
High-voltage multi-channel tester for powerful field transistors to single failure effects

E.V. Mitin, M.E. Azarov, D.E. Meleshkevich

The developed and put into operation specialized multi-channel tester for tests of MIS transistors to single failure effects like SEB and SEGR is presented.
Keywords: MIS transistor, tester, single failure effects.
Application of provisions RD V 319.03.31 to a question of determination of norms of resistance tests of electronic component base to dose influence

V.G. Malinin, E.V. Mitin, V.A. Odit, K.G. Sivacheva

Application of provisions RD V 319.03.31 to tests of electronic component base of small selections is probed.
Keywords: electronic component base, products, tests.
Use of sorting criteria of field transistors on the example of transistor 2P794A92 for support of radiation resistance of onboard equipment

S.A. Avdyushkin, I.A. Maksimov, V.V. Ivanov, S.G. Kochura, S.S. Kondyan

The test results of different batches of n-channel field-effect transistors 2P794A92 on resistance to dose effects of space ionizing radiation are analyzed. Dependence of transistors resistance on starting values of acceptability parameter-criterion is defined. The recommendations for use of test results of transistors batches and about resistance increase of onboard equipment are made.
Keywords: radiation resistance, dose effects, MOS device.
The differential amplifier for CMOS-SOI-ADC with limited use of switched capacitors

S.I. Rembeza, V.S. Kononov

The amplifier with capacitance inputs and internal resistor feedback for gain adjustment is offered. The received characteristics (SFDR > 100 dB, SNR > 120 dB) provide the 16-bit accuracy necessary for creation of pipeline analog-to-digital converters (ADC) of similar digit capacity.
Keywords: differential amplifier, CMOS-SOI, ADC.
Section DAC for pipeline CMOS-SOI-ADC with limited use of switched capacitors

S.I. Rembeza, V.S. Kononov

Optimum requirements to section digital-to-analog converters (DAC) without capacitors are formulated. The main technological and frequency limits of train DACs with low voltage are considered. The 4-bit binary weighted train DAC with differential architecture of analog path is offered.
Keywords: section, CMOS-SOI, train, DAC, capacitor.
System-on-chip processors hard IP-core based on triple modular redundancy

A.A. Antonov, A.G. Dubrovsky, V.N. Ilyaguev, A.V. Klishin, A.A. Krasnyuk

The microprocessor IP-core fault tolerant to influence of heavy charged particles is presented. The considered decision is based on triple modular redundancy using 0,5-0,25 microns SOI CMOS technology.
Keywords: IP-core, system-on-chip, triple modular redundancy, failure tolerance.
Estimation of resistance dispersion of electronic components to dose effects from batch to batch and within batch on gamma complex «Radian»

Yu.V. Maksimov, V.M. Zykov

Methodical aspects and results of estimation of radiation resistance dispersion to dose effects within batch and from batch to batch at sampling tests of electronic components on long-time influence of space ionizing radiation on gamma complex «Radian» are considered.
Keywords: dose rate, gamma radiation, Co-60, dosimeter, ionization chamber, electronic components, resistance dispersion, radiation resistance.
Formation and metrological certification of dose field of gamma complex «Radian» according to standard 22900 requirements

Yu.V. Maksimov, V.M. Zykov, M.I. Okunzov, L.F. Smekalin, V.F. Volkov, V.A. Berlyand

The formation and metrological certification according to European standard 22900 requirements of dose field of test gamma complex «Radian» developed on the basis of radiating unit «Rokus-AMT» of panoramic type and dosimetric system with use «Universal dosimeter DKS-101», measuring by the 0,6 cm3 ionization chamber the absorbed dose and the absorbed dose rate with uncertainty of 2% are resulted. The adjustment range of dose rate makes 8-0,01 rad/sec at the minimum cross size, sufficient for placement of electronic components selection of 10 pieces.
Keywords: dose rate, gamma radiation, Co-60, dosimeter, ionization chamber, electronic components, certification.
Switching discharger of the megaampere class accelerator RAPID-2

N.M. Vagina, A.M. Gafarov, A.V. Komissarov, A.V. Vlasova

Results of creation of a rail gas-filled switching discharger for accelerator RAPID-2 are presented. The standard polyethylene tube is first used to make the body of three-channel discharger operating by field distortion, withstanding 400 kV static voltage at bipolar charging and capable to switch currents about 500 kA. The distribution of electric field inside the discharger body by static mode to optimize the design of igniter electrodes is calculated. Self-breakthrough curves for eight dischargers are received and the controllability zone at working gas pressure up to 0,6 MPa is defined. This development allowed to build inductance-capacitance energy storage for accelerator RAPID-2.
Keywords: RAPID-2 accelerator, inductance-capacitance energy storage, switching discharger.
Improvement of Marx generator GIN-600 with output voltage 600 kV and accumulated energy 12 kJ

D.M. Ivashchenko, V.V. Kochergin, A.M. Chlenov

Questions on improving of technical characteristics of Marx generator GIN-600 intended for charging of water lines, and also for charging of inductive energy storage with plasma circuit breaker are considered. It is shown that discharging circuit capture of GIN-600 with use of capacitors with a charge voltage 200 kV allows to improve generator characteristics considerably.
Keywords: Marx generator, capacitor, output voltage, inductivity.
Status and directions of development of radiation test basis in 12 Central Research Institute of Ministry of Defence RF

Yu.G. Bazaka, V.I. Bzyta, V.P. Danilov, S.V. Kostyaev, G.L. Pikalov, A.I. Potapenko, A.I. Rymar

Characteristics of simulating installations providing radiation researches and tests are presented. The directions of development and enhancement of radiation test basis for the next years are considered.
Keywords: tests, radiation, protection, resistance, installations, technique.

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