N. 1, 2015

Features of mathematical treatment of results of single events resistance tests

Mitin E.V., Nekrasova E.N., Sivacheva K.G.

Features of mathematical treatment of results of single events resistance test are considered. Approximation of the experimental data by 4th parameter Weibull function was done in several software programs which are usually used for the analysis of test results. It was revealed that for most of the considered products the program choice for experimental data treatment, and also an approximation method (the standard or weighed least-squares method), don´t influence the failure rate, but has a significant impact on threshold value of the linear energy transfer.
Keywords: Weibull function, single events, linear energy transfer.
Development and verification of evaluation method of geometrical parameters of IC regions sensitive to failure single effects

Mitin E.V., Sivacheva K.G., Nekrasova E.N.

Research which continued a cycle of works on determination of geometrical parameters of sensitive regions of integrated circuits (IC) at resistance tests to failure single effects is given. Study of algorithms of calculation of single effects frequency put in the common software for resistance indexes calculation, and also observation over nature of IC behavior at laser radiation influence showed the need of transition from intracell model to intercell model. The offered method allows to evaluate geometrical parameters of sensitive regions, and also their quantity, based only on experimental data results.
Keywords: latch-up, sensitive regions, failure rate, resistance indexes.
Methodology of characterization of multiple failures section in digital circuits of large-scale integration memory

Zebrev G.I., Zemtsov K.S., Ozerov A.I., Yemelyanov V.V., Useynov R.G., Gorbunov M.S., Anashin V.S., Kozyukov A.S.

The problem of characterization of multiple failures from single particles in digital circuits of large-scale integration memory with technological norm less than 100 nanometers is considered with use of new function interpolating the experimental dependences of failure midsection in unsaturated conditions. Communication of such section behavior from the linear mission energy transfer (LET) with nonlocality of separate ion influence, fluctuation of energy release, reduction of charge output at large LPE is discussed.
Keywords: single effects, multiple failures, failure section, LET, simulation.
Simulation of non-monotone behavior of dose degradation of bipolar instruments within non-linear system of kinetic equations

Zebrev G.I., Drozdetsky M.G., Galimov A.M., Useinov R.G.

Within numerical non-linear model the degradation of parameters of bipolar instruments for different radiations of samples is simulated. It is shown that watched at radiation of bipolar instruments non-monotone degradation can be explained by means of non-linear system of kinetic equations for charge accumulation in field oxide and surface recombination centers.
Keywords: dose rate, degradation, ELDRS, bipolar technology, annealing, simulation.
Electromagnetic field inducted by short pulses flux of high energy gamma quantums propagating in air

Chudnovsky A.L.

The electromagnetic radiations inside the aircraft body inducted by residual energy of gamma quantums from pulsed narrow-directed sources of high energy gamma quantums are estimated. It is shown that there can be a threat of functioning of electronics placed inside the aluminum body.
Keywords: electromagnetic radiation, bremsstrahlung gamma quantum source, production and annihilation of electron-positron pairs.
Numerical simulation of radiation degradation of radio-electronic components

Okuntsov M.I., Yunda N.T.

The linear empirical model for numerical simulation of degradation of electronic component parameters at radiation tests considering parameter spread of testing components and statistical uncertainty of dose levels is offered.
Keywords: empirical model, electronic components, Monte-Carlo method, radiation degradation, statistical uncertainty.
Research of efficiency of paint and thermal control coating use for protection of onboard equipment against space ionizing radiation influence

Zinchenko V.F., Romanenko A.A., Uzhegov V.M., Anashin V.S., Protopopov G.A., Grigorevsky A.V., Hasanshin R.H., Sogoyan A.V.

Results of estimated and experimental researches on optimization of multi-layer protective covers for the lowering of local dose loadings in instruments of space onboard equipment are presented. It is shown that use of industrial samples of thermal control coatings under certain conditions allows to lower a space ionizing radiation dose by 2-3 times in comparison with aluminum protection with the equivalent mass thickness.
Keywords: spacecraft, ionizing radiation, protective cover.
Single events in powerful MOS transistors at influence of neutrons with energy of 14 MeV

Basargina N.V., Vorozhtsova I.V., Dubrovsky S.M., Kupyrina T.V., Tkachev O.V., Shukailo V.P.

Research results of influence of static radiation by neutrons with energy of 14 MeV on powerful IGBT and MOSFET transistors are presented. It is shown that at radiation in transistor drain circuit there are current pulses. This effect is characterized by accidental appearance of pulses that takes place at drain-to-source voltage above some threshold; by frequency of pulse appearance which value exponentially increases with increase of voltage; by cross section which for n-channel transistors depends on sample orientation concerning a radiation field; in some cases by catastrophic failure similar on the end result to SEGR.
Keywords: MOS transistors, single events, statistical radiation.
Modification of glass surface structure at electric discharging under influence of electrons with energy of 40 keV

Hasanshin R.H., Kostyk V.I., Korovin S.B., Volkova Ya.B., Kosogorov A.V., Porzhezhinskaya E.Yu., Svechkin V.P.

Influence of electron radiation of K-208 glass on development of electrostatic discharges leading to its surface modification is researched. Changes of surface structure of glass samples were investigated by atomic force microscopy. The samples were radiated by electrons with energy Ee0 = 40 keV and flux density φe from 1010 to 2,0·1011 cm-2·s-1 in vacuum chamber with pν = 10-3 Pas. In experiments were the discharges which are followed by plasma ejection in environment and by formation of bit channels up to 5 nanometers in depth; separate microirregularities up to 200 nanometers high and clusters from them; structures up to 25 mkm2, towering over glass surface on 2 nanometers. It is shown that surface structural changes depend as on radiation conditions – parameter φe and pν, and on macroscopic defects on glass.
Keywords: Electrostatic discharge, electronic equipment, glass K-20, atomic force microscopy.
Operational determination of absorbed dose rate in sensitive volume of products of electronics at radiation tests

Zinchenko V.F., Ivashchenko D.M., Mordasov N.G.

On the basis of diagnostic system of accelerator UIN-10 and its software the calculated-experimental method of operational determination of absorbed dose rate and the absorbed dose of bremsstrahlung in sensitive volume of irradiated products is created.
Keywords: UIN-10P complex, dose rate, absorbed dose.
Technical safety control system of testing on complex UIN-10P

Mikulin I.N., Mordasov N.G., Ivashchenko D.M.

The possibility of creation of technical safety control system of testing on complex UIN-10P according to requirements SanPiN 6.1.2573-2010 is analyzed. Implementation of this technical system on complex UIN-10P providing monitoring of operators actions during start-up is shown.
Keywords: complex UIN-10P, security arrangement, engineering control.

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