N. 2, 2015

Distribution of critical power at resistance research to impact of electric power pulse in bipolar transistor structures

Venediktov M.M., Kiselev V.K.

Methods of statistical assessment of analytically set mean value of damage threshold in semiconductor transistor structures at influence of pulse electric power based on the experimental samples are considered. Results of use of normal and logarithmic normal distributions at solution of the task of convergence of theoretical and experimental laws are compared.
Keywords: pulse electric power, distribution laws, assessment of critical power.
Application of design method of doubly connected confidence S-region to research of pulse electromagnetic fields influence on bipolar transistors

Venediktov M.M., Kiselev V.K.

Influence of pulse magnetic field on bipolar transistor structures is researched, possibility of application of design method of doubly connected confidence S-region for pulse electromagnetic fields influence on change of transistors gain factor is shown.
Keywords: semiconductor items, electromagnetic pulse, degradation of characteristics, confidence interval.
Accumulation of absorbed dose on earth orbit of spacecrafts at influence of particle flux of solar cosmic rays

Kuznetsov N.V., Nymmik R.A., Panasyuk M.I., Yushkov B.Yu., Bengin V.V., Mitrikas V.G.

The calculation technique allowing to forecast accumulation of absorbed dose on near-earth spacecrafts in development of a proton event of solar cosmic rays is presented. The technique uses data on proton flux of solar cosmic rays registered on geostationary satellites. The example of calculated dependence of absorbed dose in comparison with data of standard system of radiation monitoring of ISS is given.
Keywords: absorbed dose, solar cosmic rays, ISS, geostationary satellite.
Structure of computing instruments for research of radiation resistance of semiconductor devices and information security of simulation

Potehin A.A., Zabavichev I.Yu., Ryabov A.A., Linev A.V., Churin A.Yu., Obolensky S.V., Rotkov L.Yu.

The technique of local networking for the experimental researches and simulation of semiconductor structures and instruments with use of technology of supercomputing is developed. The internal security risks of a local computer network taking into account creation of the external protected channel of information exchange is estimated. Features of the organization of simulation of radiation firmness of semiconductor items are discussed.
Keywords: simulation of semiconductor devices, calculation of semiconductor thermal fields, assessment of information security, local computer network.
Research of dependence of structural damages density in silicon semiconductor devices on flux density of neutron and proton radiations

Ulimov V.N.

The experimental researches of dependence of recombination of structural damages on neutron and proton flux density at radiation tests are resulted.
Keywords: radiation flux density, neutrons, protons, structural defects.
Radiation resistance of planar Gunn diodes

Obolenskaya E.S., Churin A.Yu., Obolensky S.V., Murel A.V., Shashkin V.I.

Radiation resistance of planar Gunn diodes is theoretically researched. It is shown that use of delta layers of doping impurity and quantum wells increases the resistance of diodes much in comparison with normal bulk diodes.
Keywords: simulation of semiconductor devices, research of radiation resistance, planar Gunn diode.
Redundant number-to-voltage converter for control systems operating in extreme conditions

Antimirov V.M., Smelchakova G.A., Milovidov E.M., Yazeva V.V.

Questions of creation of the redundant number-to-voltage converter with characteristics allowing to use the device in the systems operating in extreme conditions are considered: in the rocket-and-space, aircraft engineering and complexes applied to emergency containment in nuclear industry.
Keywords: number-to-voltage converter, logic-to-current converter, onboard computer control system, low pass filter, redundancy.
Research of radiation resistance of quartz generators GK81-P-D2 at influence of pulse gamma radiation

Loskot A.I., Mitin E.V.

The results of experimental researches of radiation resistance of quartz generators GK81-P-D2 at influence of pulse gamma radiation with use of pulse heavy-current electron accelerator of direct action ARSA A0413 are presented. Dependence of off-time of quartz generators on regeneration coefficient of self oscillator is shown.
Keywords: quartz generator, radiation resistance, experimental researches.
Research results of instability of frequency and level of output signal of precision quartz-crystal oscillators at gamma radiation influence

Loskot A.I., Gilvanov P.R.

The results of experimental research of dependence of short-term frequency instability of precision quartz-crystal oscillators on gamma radiation power and output level, and also long-term frequency instability on accumulated dose are presented.
Keywords: quartz-crystal oscillators, short-term instability, Allan´s deviation, Hadamard´s deviation.
Metrological support of tests at using fields of electron and bremsstrahlung radiations

Tsvetkov I.I.

Technical and metrological data of the state primary standard GET 72-01, which gages and auxiliary equipment are used for certification of fields of electron and bremsstrahlung radiations of test equipment (simulating installations) are presented. The performed works on certification of fields of research and special installations, industrial accelerators and accelerators which are built in processing lines are from 2005 for 2014 years resulted.
Keywords: standard, metrological support, certification of test equipment.

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