No. 1, 2016
Methodical Features of Gate-Array Chip Tests for Heavy Ion Hardness by the Example of 1592HM3U-006VP IC

A.V. Filimonov, V.V. Emeliyanov, A.I. Ozerov

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: risi@niipribor.ru

The methodical features of preparation and carrying of hardness tests for heavy ions impact of gate-array chips as exemplified by 1592HM3U-006VP IC are reviewed. The main stages and features of the development of functional checkout algorithm and single event effect registration methods, and software for the heavy ions hardness tests are demonstrated.

Keywords: gate-array chips, preparation and carrying of tests, heavy ions, single event effects, functional checkout algorithms.
The Features of Digital Transmitter Receiver Tests for Hardness to Heavy Ion Impact

M.V. Kamenskiy, V.V. Emeliyanov, A.I. Ozerov, A.V. Besetskiy

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: risi@niipribor.ru

The features of the digital transmitter receiver hardness test methods for heavy ions impact including algorithms of functional checkout and single event registering methods are covered.

Keywords: transmitter receivers, latch-up, heavy ions.
Simulation of Radiation Response of the High-Power Vertical MOS-transistor to Ionizing Radiation Absorbed Dose Influence

E.N. Nekrasova1, E.V. Mitin1, V.G. Malinin2

1OOO “NPC “Granat”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
e-mail: emitin@npcgranat.ru
2JSC “Electronstandard”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A simulation of the FILIN-122/160 complex X-ray radiation effect on high-power MOS transistor with vertical structure in the developed by authors program based on Geant4 libraries is carried out. The generation of the positive charge profile accumulated in the MOS transistor oxide influenced by ionizing radiation, and its effect on product radiation response are under discussion. The comparison of the simulation results with the available experimental data has shown the application possibility of the developed program in support of radiation tests for absorbed dose influence.

Keywords: simulation, ionizing radiation, MOS transistor, stored charge, tunneling.
Investigation of the Surface Defects in Buildup Foreign CMOS IC under Long-Term Low-Dose-Rate Irradiation

R.V. Vlasov, E.S. Parshakova, V.D. Popov

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: wdpopov@mail.ru

Experiments on CMOS IC CD4069UBCN irradiation by gamma rays at three dose rates are carried out. Change of surface defects density is determined. The presence of two stages of defect formation is shown.

Keywords: CMOS invertor, MOS transistors with n-channel, drain-gate characteristic steepness, surface mobility, surface defects, low-intensity irradiation.
The Use of Critical Part Back-Up of Onboard Equipment for Extending Terms of Spacecraft Active Existence

V.F. Zinchenko1, K.V. Lavrentiev1, R.G. Useinov1, V.M. Uzhegov2,
N.N. Bulgakov3, A.S. Semochkin3

1Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: VFZinchenko@niipribor.ru
Korolev, Moscow region, Russia
3JSC “Russian Space Systems”
Moscow, Russia

The issues are considered as related to selecting most suitable time and electric mode for onboard equipment critical part back-up in order to extend terms of active existence of spacecrafts. The back-up effect on spacecraft hardness to dose effects and single event effects under conditions of long-term exposure to ionizing radiation of space environment is reviewed.

Keywords: radiation hardness, onboard equipment, back-up, active existence term, space environment, dose effects, single event effects.
Radiation Effects in Semiconductor Microelectronic Circuity Products of Modern Technology

V.F. Zinchenko1, A.A. Romanenko1, R.G. Useinov1, V.M. Uzhegov2

1Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: VFZinchenko@niipribor.ru
Korolev, Moscow region, Russia

Modern technologies for semiconductor microelectronic circuity product manufacture and their influence on modern IC chip and semiconductor device hardness to dose effects and single event effects in the space environment ionizing radiation conditions are reviewed.

Keywords: semiconductor microelectronic circuity products, modern technology, scaling, radiation effects, ionizing radiation, space environment.
The Temperature Effect on IR-LEDs Hardness to Radiation with 60Со Gamma-Quantum

A.V. Gradoboev, P.V. Rubanov, V.V. Sednev

Tomsk Polytechnic University
Tomsk, Russia
e-mail: gradoboev1@mail.ru

The research results of the parameter change in the IR-LEDs manufactured on the basis of double AlGaAs heterostructures influenced by 60Со gamma-quantum depending on radiation temperature are presented. Based on the research results it is established that there are several consecutive stages of photo diode radiation power reduction under the ionizing radiation influence. Temperature increase under gamma-quantum radiation leads to radiation hardening at the first stage due to radiation-induced defect annealing, which leads to decrease in relative contribution of the first stage into general power reduction. It is established that under radiation temperature of 380 K the first photo diode power reduction stage is eliminated completely. At the second stage the observed hardening is determined only by reduction in relative contribution of a lesser hardened first stage into general radiation power reduction.

Keywords: LEDs, heterostructures, AlGaAs, IR-range, gamma-quantum, temperature.
Modeling of SEGR in Power MOSFETs

R.G. Useinov1, G.I. Zebrev2, V.V. Emeliyanov1, A.S. Vatuev1

1Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: risi@niipribor.ru
2National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”
Moscow, Russia

Destructive single event gate rupture (SEGR) occurring in the gate oxides of power MOSFETs under impact of heavy ions is studied and modeled. SEGR cross section of power MOSFET with 70 nm oxide thickness as function of gate voltage was measured for four types of heavy ions. A predictive formula for the SEGR cross section is derived and validated. This formula can be used as a predictive instrument for computation of survival probability in a given spectrum of heavy ions in space environments.

Keywords: MOSFET, oxide, modeling, I-V characteristics, straggling, SEGR, heavy ion, LET.
The Features of Radiation Hardness Characteristics In-depth Research of Electronic Components for Spacecraft Radio-Electronic Equipment to Single Event Effects by Using Laser Impact

V.S. Anashin1, R.V. Vlasov2, P.A. Chubunov1,2

1Affiliated enterprise of the United Rocket and Space Corporation –
Research Institute of Space Device Engineering
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: npk1-niikp@mail.ru
2National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”
Moscow, Russia

Possibilities of laser imitation technique with application for radiation hardness assurance and control for on-board radio-electronic equipment in terms of single event effects, as an example of SRAM UT6264 CPCL-70LL tests on ion accelerator and laser simulator are presented.

Keywords: ionizing radiation, laser radiation, single event effects, hardness.
Workstation for Carrying Electronic Component Base Radiation Tests

A.N. Panchenko, G.A. Polienko, S.L. Eliyash, A.V. Rodigin, A.V. Teterevkov

RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
e-mail: panchenko@expd.vniief.ru

A small pulse ARSA-M and Argument-M accelerator (SPA) based workstation is developed for carrying radiation research and tests of electronic products for 7.I.-type special factor impact.

Keywords: workstation, pulsed X-radiation, hardware-software measuring system, SPA radiation hardness, stressing field measuring system, functional testing.

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