No. 3, 2017
Microdosimetric Approach to Prediction of Multiple Failures in Large Scale Integration Microcircuits at Heavy Ions Action

V.F. Zinchenko

JSC “Russian Space Systems”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: otdelenie17@spacecorp.ru

The approach to prediction of multiple failures in digital LSI integrated microcircuits at heavy ions influence is offered, taking into account such factors as radial distribution of ionization density in heavy ions track, fluctuation of heavy ions linear energy transfer when passing through the IC sensitive volume and diffusion charge collection by the low-level memory cells getting to a track zone.

Keywords: digital integrated microcircuits, multiple failures, heavy ions, fluctuations of linear energy transfer.
Interpretation of Measurement Results of the Charge Transfer in Dielectric by the Time-of-flight Technique

B.A. Shilobreev

SRSI "12 Central Research Institute"  of the Ministry of Defense RF
Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: Shilobr1931@yandex.ru

By results of publications about charge carrier mobility in polymeric materials the primary measured data in a time-of-flight experiment of carrier speed is recovered. It is established that the restored charge carrier speed is uniform in film thickness in 19 of 22 independent experiences that means a trap energy homogeneity in the majority of materials. Arrhenius speed relation in three (from seven) independent experiences for polyvinyl carbazole are linear and are crossed near ordinate axis that means no contradiction of the theory and an experiment in polyvinyl carbazole, which is observed in case of mobility.

Keywords: time-of-flight technique, polymeric materials, charge carriers.
Analysis of Radiation-Stimulated Structural Changes of Protective Glasses Surfaces of Spacecraft Solar Batteries

R.H. Khasanshin, V.I. Kostyuk, S.V. Tokar, A.V. Kosogorov, D.A. Primenko, A.S. Savina

1JSC “Kompozit”
Korolev, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: rhkhas@mail.ru
2Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Moscow, Russia

The results of researches by atomic force microscopy methods of morphology of the K-208 and CMG glasses, irradiated by electrons, are comparative analyzed. It is shown, that the quantity and height of microirregularities and depth of the bit channel-parameters characterizing the structural changes of glass surfaces, caused by electrostatic discharges at radiation in identical conditions, significantly differ.

Keywords: electronic radiation, K-208 and CMG glasses, surface structure, atomic force microscopy.
Influence of Irradiation Conditions on Radiation Resistance of Digital Thermometers DS18B20

O.V. Meshchurov, R.G. Useinov

Research Institute of Scientific Instruments
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: Niip66@bk.ru

The radiation resistance of microcircuits DS18B20, DS18B20+ and DS18B20/GG8 at gamma radiation impact on installations with the isotopic sources 60Co is researched. It is shown that the radiation hardness of chips DS18B20 depends on ambient temperature, chip supply voltage and gamma dose rate.

Keywords: microcircuit, gamma dose rate, radiation temperature, passive and active electrical mode, radiation hardness.
Heterophoto Converters on Spectral Range of 970±30 nm, Resistant to Ionizing Radiation Influence

A.N. Trufanov

Sedakov Research Institute of Measuring Systems
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
e-mail: atrufanov@niiis.nnov.ru

The photoconverters based on GaAs-InGaAs heterojunctions and designed for laser radiation wavelength of 970±30 nanometers are considered. The technique of their resistance researches to pulse ionizing radiation impact and measurement results are presented. The degradation level of structure characteristics after different type of radiations influences is shown.

Keywords: photoconverter, GaAs-InGaAs heterostructure, radiation hardness.
SOS Photodiode, Resistant to Ionizing Radiation Influence

A.N. Trufanov

Sedakov Research Institute of Measuring Systems
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
e-mail: atrufanov@niiis.nnov.ru

Theoretically and experimentally the electrophysical properties of photodiodes on the basis of silicon-on-sapphire structure are researched. It is shown that their key parameters do not concede to silicon diodes and the level of radiation hardness is more, than at similar diodes on volume silicon.

Keywords: SOS photodiode, radiation hardness.
Reproduction of Test Norms in Near-Field Zone of the Reactor PRIZ-M

D.N. Artamonov, D.V. Koinov, I.S. Krasnokutsky, G.L. Pikalov, A.A. Chaplygin

SRSI "12 Central Research Institute" of the Ministry of Defense RF
Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: fgu12tsnii@mil.ru

The technology and algorithm of simultaneous reproduction of preset values of neutron fluence with power more than 0,1 MeV and gamma exposure dose which are the norms of electronic equipment tests on the reactor PRIZ-M are considered. The parameters of radiations in near-field zone of the reactor are analyzed, including at using the devices converting a part of neutrons into gamma quanta.

Keywords: research reactor, radiation hardness, test norms, neutron fluence, gamma exposure dose.

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