No. 3, 2018
Accounting of Radiation Low Intensity Effect when Determining Radiation Hardness of Some CMOS IC

Yu.B. Derevyanko, D.Yu. Derevyanko, A.A. Romanenko

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: ra240140@mail.ru

Results of experimental researches of 60Со low intensity gamma radiation influence on radiation resistance of CMOS microelectronics products to dose ionizing effects are given. It is found out that average hardness value of examined three CMOS IC types irradiated at dose rate of 0,008 rad(Si)/s, for tens of percent above, than at radiation with a dose rate of 50 rad(Si)/s.

Keywords: gamma radiation, intensity of influence, dose ionizing effect, CMOS IC absorbed current, radiation hardness, sensitivity to low dose rate.
Use of Monte Carlo Method Programs for Absorbed Doses Calculations by Beam Technique

O.A. Galikhina, S.A. Lazarev, A.N. Zalyalov

RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
e-mail: elyash@expd.vniief.ru

The implementation variation of beam technique of absorbed doses calculation in elements of the spacecraft’s radio-electronic equipment at space ionizing radiation impact with use of calculation programs of photon radiation transfer by Monte Carlo method is offered. Such scheme of calculations implementation by beam technique allows comparing, at need, the results with ‟direct” calculations by Monte Carlo method for the same model. Examples of calculations for separate chips and spacecraft’s model are given.

Keywords: Monte Carlo method, beam technique, absorbed dose.
Research of Short-Term Failures of TTL Microcircuits in Self-Refresh Mode at Influence of X-Ray Radiation Nanosecond Impulses

D.N. Litvin, A.E. Chaunin, S.L. Elyash, A.L. Yuryev, A.A. Seleznev

RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
e-mail: elyash@expd.vniief.ru

The research of short-term failures of TTL microcircuits at influence of X-ray radiation nanosecond impulses is conducted. For all examined samples the threshold dose was Dp ~ 0,015 Gr except for series 531. The threshold dose for a series 531 was more, and, perhaps, is connected with significantly high absorbed current accelerating a restoration of microcircuits operating mode already at radiation.

Keywords: ARSA accelerator, short-term failure, integrated microcircuits, X-ray radiation, outage time, self-refresh mode.
Research of Functional Failures of Diagnostic Equipment of High-Temperature Plasma at Influence of X-Ray Radiation Nanosecond Impulses

D.N. Litvin, A.E. Chaunin, S.L. Elyash, A.L. Yuryev, A.A. Seleznev

RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
e-mail: elyash@expd.vniief.ru

Dynamic researches of functional failures of diagnostic equipment of high-temperature plasma at pulse X-ray radiation influence are conducted. From all examined devices the most vulnerable to X-ray impulse was the electron-optical streak camera SER-5.

Keywords: accelerator ARSA, streak camera, CCD camera, oscillograph, X-ray radiation.
Research of Ageing Process of n-Channel MOS Transistors

N.A. Kulikov, V.D. Popov

National Research Nuclear University ‟MEPhl”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: nikita93-07@bk.ru

Research results of surface defects density in CMOS IC MOS transistors at long influence of temperature 150 °С in the passive mode are presented.

Keywords: MOS transistor, surface defects density, increased temperature, passive mode, long tests, ageing process.
Simulation of Radiation Effects in Transistors on SOS Structure

Yu.A. Kabalnov, A.N. Kachemtsev, S.V. Obolenskiy

Branch of RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
"Sedakov Research Institute of Measuring Systems"
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
e-mail: Kabalnov@niiis.nnov.ru

Influence of gamma radiation on characteristics of CMOS SOS integrated circuits is considered. The mathematical model of n-channel MOS SOS transistor structure taking into account parameters of silicon-dielectric interface region is presented. Results of modeling of dose effects with use of the developed computer program are given. Results of calculations are compared with experimental data. Compliance of the theory and experimental results allows to validate model ideas of leakage path formation at impact of gamma radiation. The optimum modes of transistor structures implantation allowing to make chips with increased radiation hardness are chosen.

Keywords: structures "silicon-on-sapphire", MOS transistor, gamma radiation, modeling of dose effects, optimization of production technique.
Increase in Calculation Reliability of Radiation Doses of Electronic Components as a Part of the Onboard Equipment of Spacecrafts

N.N. Bulgakov, V.F. Zinchenko, Yu.A. Mirshavka, S.A. Yakhutin

JSC “Russian Space Systems”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: otdelenie17@spacecorp.ru

The program complex for mass engineering calculations of ionization density and structural damages in materials of sensitive volume of microelectronics products (Si, Ge, GaAs, etc.) under influence of space ionizing radiation on the onboard equipment of spacecrafts is developed. The possibility of the automated formation of initial three-dimensional geometry of local doses calculation in volume of the onboard equipment devices is realized, using information about spacecrafts 3D models from modeling environments like Solid Works, 3D-MAX or the similar software.

Keywords: local doses, space, electrons, protons, beam method, Monte Carlo method.
Research of Physical Processes Leading to Self-Recovery of Electronics in Ionizing Particles Field Generated by Cosmic Rays

M.V. Anokhin1,6, V.A. Arefyev6, V.I. Galkin2, V.A. Ditlov4, A.E. Dubov3, L.M. Zelenyi6, M.I. Panasyuk1, B.P. Rutkevich3, V.M. Chabanov5, I.V. Chulkov6

1Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
e-mail: anokhinmikhail@yandex.ru
2Physical Faculty of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
3Special Design Bureau of Space Instrument Engineering IKI RAS, Tarusa, Russia
4Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics named after A.I. Alikhanov NRC KI, Moscow, Russia
5Institute of Fine Eco-Friendly Technologies, Tarusa, Russia
6Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

The specific energy of ionizing particles field using a semiconductor ionization chamber technique is experimental researches. The applied technique is suitable for direct measurements of the quality coefficient of ionizing particles field under normal operating conditions. A phenomenon of self-recovery of sensitive element functioning is discovered. A method for rapid assessment of space quality in the spacecraft and its evolution over time is proposed.

Keywords: ionizing particles field, cosmic rays, radiation hardness, sensitive volume of electronic element, ionizing particle track.
To the Question of Optimization of Space Equipment Radiation Hardness on Ionizing Dose Effects

N.G. Gamzatov, G.P. Rudnev, K.V. Litvitskiy

1JSC ‟Research Institute ‟Submikron”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: narimanzzz@mail.ru
2JSC ‟Radio Engineering Corporation ‟Vega”
Moscow, Russia

On the basis of tests results it is shown that the resistance of analog circuits to ionizing radiation impact on dose effects as a part of functional units is higher, than at direct tests. One of possible options of optimization of space equipment resistance to ionizing radiation impact on dose effects is offered.

Keywords: ionizing radiation, dose effects, operating modes, criterial parameters, analog electronic components.
Reproduction of Tests Norms on Reactor PRIZ-M at Double-Sided Radiation of the Object

G.L. Pikalov, I.A. Burlaka, O.A. Nikolaev, I.S. Krasnokutskiy, M.Yu. Korablev

SRSI "12 Central Research Institute" of the Ministry of Defence of RF
Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: fgu12tsnii@mil.ru

The calculated researches of radiation parameters of reactor PRIZ-M and algorithm of reproduction of radiation hardness tests norms at bilateral radiation of large-size objects are resulted. It is shown that in comparison with one-sided radiation the sizes of test volume with uniform radiation parameters increase to four times.

Keywords: research reactor, radiation hardness, tests norms, neutron fluence, exposure dose of gamma radiation, radiation zone.

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