No. 4, 2019
Rout of Fault-Tolerant VLSI Development Using Program Upset Injection Considering the Topology

I.A. Danilov, A.I. Shneider (Khazanova), A.O. Balbekov, M.S. Gorbunov, A.A. Antonov

Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: danilov@niisi.msk.ru

The upset injecting procedure, considering the topology, dedicated for introduction into the process of the fault-tolerant integrated circuit development is presented. The procedure is fully compatible with a standard verification route. The work describes the application of the procedure under the development of the triplicated encrypting core after the AES standard.

Keywords: upset injection, SystemVerilog, single event effects, single event upsets, transient pulsed signals, fault-tolerance.
Comparative Analysis of Error Introduction, Considering the Layout, into Direct Memory Access Controllers with Various Triplication Options

P.O. Chernyakov, A.P. Skorobogatov, A.A. Zvyagin, E.K. Emin, A.A. Antonov, I.A. Danilov, A.O. Balbekov, A.I. Shneider (Khazanova), M.S. Gorbunov

Scientific Research Institute of System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: chernyakov@cs.niisi.ras.ru

A procedure, evaluating fault-tolerance of the layout implementation of the direct memory access controllers with local, distributed and block triple modular redundancy is suggested. A comparative analysis of the simulation results is presented.

Keywords: SEU, SET, TMR, direct memory access, failures.
Dependence Simulation of MOS Dosimeter Sensitivity Based on IC 564LN2 to Gamma Radiation Dose Rate

O.V. Meshchurov, R.G. Useinov

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: Niip66@bk.ru

A simulation of the experimental dose responses of the MOS detector information-bearing parameter in the conditions of gamma radiation effect of the 60Со isotope source facilities under the dose rate ranged from 0.00011 – 39.6 rad/s is carried out. With the dose rate of 0.0082 and 0.1 rad/s volt-ampere MOS detector characteristics are measured and the input of the surface states in the dose dependence of the voltage threshold shift is defined. It is shown, that the offered model of the surface states integration allows forecasting the dependence of the dosimeter information-bearing parameter on the dose for various dose rates.

Keywords: MOS detector, sensitivity of MOS detector, low-intensive gamma radiation, gamma radiation dose rate, ionizing radiation absorbed dose, integration of surface states.
Failure Statistics on Integral Circuits Latch-Up from Heavy Ions and New Approach to Estimating Probability of Failure-Free Operation in Space

R.G. Useinov, A.V. Besetsky

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: rgrustem@niipribor.ru

The methodology of statistical handling of the experimental data on integral circuit latch-up from heavy ions, obtained on heavy-ion accelerators is presented. The functions of time probability distribution to one latch-up and the corresponding to their modification ones for a fluence to one latch-up are offered. New approaches, estimating a failure-free operation probability in space environment are proposed on the basis of the extreme event statistics.

Keywords: single event latch (SEL), linear energy transfer, failure-free operation probability, extreme event statistics.
Radiation Effect on Parameters of Double Driver and Programmed Memory Microcircuits

Yu.V. Bogatyrev1, S.B. Lastovsky1, D.A. Ogorodnikov1, V.A. Solodukha2, A.V. Ketko2, S.V. Shvedov2, P.I. Parnevich2, A.N. Limontov2, P.G. Mashkantsev2, V.A. Kozlovsky2, E.G. Lozitsky2

1SA ‟Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre NAS of Belarus”
Minsk, Belarus
e-mail: bogat@ifttp.bas-net.by
2JSC “Integral”
Minsk, Belarus

The research results of the Со60 gamma-radiation effect on the parameters of double driver microcircuits of two types for MOS-transistor controlling are presented, as well as the microcircuits of one-time electrically programmable read only memory.

Keywords: gamma radiation, microcircuit, double driver, read-only memory, radiation resistance.
Registration of Electron Radiation Subnanosecond Pulses by Cherenkov SChDI3 Detectors

S.L. Elyash, T.V. Loyko, A.L. Yuryev

RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
e-mail: elyash@expd.vniief.ru

The responses of two Cherenkov SChDI3 detectors on subnanosecond current pulse of an electron beam are registered. The electron current pulse duration, measured with the coaxial collector display, reached t0.5 э ~ (0.265…0.280) ns. The pulse durations, registered with the Cherenkov detectors № 1 and № 2, reached t0.5 ч1 ~ (0.375…0.390) ns and t0.5 ч2 ~ (0.385…0.400) ns respectively.

Keywords: Сherenkov detector, electron beam, subnanosecond duration, time resolution.
Mass Properties Optimization of the Additional Radiation Protection of Spacecraft Equipment Critical by Radiation Resistance

V.V. Goncharov1, A.N. Zagorkov2, O.V. Mikheev2, A.E. Oshkin2

1Space Systems Research and Development Institute of Khrunichev Space Center
Korolev, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: niiks@khrunichev.com
2Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center
Moscow, Russia

The research results on mass property optimization of the additional radiation protection of devices, which have critical elements against radiation resistance are offered. It is demonstrated, that by choosing the device radiation protection uneven in thickness, the mass of the additional protection might be reduced by 1.5-2 compared to even thickening of a device case across its whole surface. The examples of constructional profile of the additional protection for various number of device critical elements are provided.

Keywords: total dose, critical elements, radiation protection.
Determining the Optimal Irradiation Time of Silicon Single Crystals under Neutron Transmutation Phosphorus Doping

R.I. Guchetl

JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: rst471@yandex.ru

The relationships are presented for a possible calculation of the irradiation time and selection of silicon of electron, hole and mixed conductivity type, taking into account the inhomogeneity of the neutron flux density and distribution of phosphorus in the starting material in order to obtain minimal deviations from target resistivity value. As a criterion for determining of the optimal irradiation time, the equality of extreme deviations from the nominal value is used.

Keywords: silicon, thermal neutrons, resistivity.

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