No. 2, 2020
Research of Radiation Effects in MOS Transistors

A.V. Kuzminova, N.A. Kulikov, V.D. Popov

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhl”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: AVKuzminova@mephi.ru

A study has been conducted of radiation effects in test MOS transistors, manufactured using 90 nm techno-logy, when irradiated with gamma rays at a dose rate of P = 0,1 rad/s in the passive mode. For research, we used a method for analyzing changes in surface mobility in the channels of MOS transistors with n- and p-channels. Two stages of surface defect formation were observed both in the case of MOS transistors with an n-channel and in p-channel transistors.

Keywords: MOS transistor, n-channel, p-channel, gamma radiation, surface defect formation.
Characteristic Analysis and Development of Models of IN74AC04 Series Digital Integral Circuits Considering Low-Intensity Irradiation

I.A Kharitonov1, N.A. Kulikov2, D.E. Zvyagintsev1

1HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
Moscow, Russia
2National Research Nuclear University “MEPhl”
Moscow, Russia
e-mail: nikita93-07@bk.ru

An analysis of characteristic and development of SPICE samples of IN74AC04 integrated circuits, containing four inverters in one package, for low-intensity irradiation environment are presented.

Keywords: logical CMOS integral circuits, low-intensity irradiation, characteristics measurement, ring oscillators, SPICE models, dynamic characteristics, hardness evaluation.
Research of Pyroelectricity in Barium-Titanate Ceramics under Pulse Influence of Bremsstrahlung and Laser Radiation

V.P. Shukailo, O.V. Tkachev, S.M. Dubrovskih, T.V. Kupyrina, K.D. Koksharova, A.S. Tishchenko, S.F. Kovaleva

FSUE “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin
All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics”
Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
e-mail: dep5@vniitf.ru

The experimental results on pulse influence on capacitors, made of barium-titanate ceramics, are presented. The responses of samples on pulse influence of photon radiation with average energy of 1 MeV; 0,1 MeV; 2 eV are reviewed. The difference in sample response on the influence of photon radiation of various aspects is demonstrated.

Keywords: barium-titanate, ferroelectrics, pyroelectrics, capacitors, pulse ionizing radiation, bremsstrahlung.
Efficiency of Single Event Upsets Correction Arising in RAM under Neutron Influence

A.S. Kustov1, A.S. Pilipenko1, N.V. Silyanov2

1FSUE “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Academician E.I. Zababakhin
All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics”
Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
e-mail: dep5@vniitf.ru
2Branch of RFNC All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics
"Sedakov Research Institute of Measuring Systems"
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

An experimental dependence of single event upset (SEU) number vs 14 MeV neutron fluence was obtained for static random access memory (RAM) with error detection and correction (EDAC) w/o scrubbing. A software model of RAM has been developed to analyze experimental data. SEU cross-section in RAM has been defined and the efficiency of EDAC has been estimated based on the results of simulation. The model application allows to estimate radiation sensitivity of RAM with EDAC.

Keywords: single event upsets, RAM, Hamming codes, 14 MeV neutrons.
Calibration Results of Ionizing Radiation Absorbed Dose Detectors

O.V. Meshchurov1, R.G. Useinov1, A.D. Artemov2

1JSC ‟Research Institute of Scientific Instruments”
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia
e-mail: Niip66@bk.ru
2JSC ‟Kometa Corporation”
Moscow, Russia

A batch of detectors has been put together in order to be used in airborne system equipment of a space vehicle radiation control. The batch of detectors has been calibrated on critical to ionizing radiation value in conditions, influencing gamma-radiation of 60пїЅпїЅ isotope source facilities under the dose rates of 2,5 and 0,01 rad/s.

Keywords: calibration, detector, detector sensitivity, gamma-radiation dose rate, absorbed dose of ionizing radiation, integration of surface states.
Influence of Ionizing Radiation on IC Parameters of Analog Temperature Sensor

Yu.V. Bogatyrev1, S.B. Lastovsky1, D.A. Ogorodnikov1, A.V. Ketko2, A.N. Limontov2, S.A. Pilovets2

1SA ‟Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre NAS of Belarus”
Minsk, Belarus
e-mail: bogat@ifttp.bas-net.by
2JSC ‟Integral”
Minsk, Belarus

The research results of Co60 gamma-irradiation impact on the integrated circuit parameters of analog temperature sensor, made according to the bipolar technology, are provided.

Keywords: ionizing irradiation, gamma-irradiation, integrated circuit, analog temperature sensor, radiation hardness.
Theoretical Description of Radiation Processes, Proceeding within the Scope of Intrinsic Outer Atmosphere of a Spacecraft with a Nuclear Power Unit

I.V. Kolbasin

JSC "Design Bureau "Arsenal"
Saint Petersburg, Russia
e-mail: kolbasin777ivan@mail.ru

Radiation processes, appearing in intrinsic outer atmosphere when a spacecraft with a nuclear power unit in operation, are reviewed. A mechanism of induced radiation effect on on-board equipment and constructional elements of a spacecraft are highlighted. A mathematical model that allows evaluating the effect on the craft, is developed.

Keywords: spacecraft, nuclear power unit, mathematical model.

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